“Two eggs a day..keep the weight away”

One of the most controversial food-topics is what should or what shouldn’t be eaten for breakfast.

Students from all around the world have their own morning routines and, of course, different tastes.

Some, in fact, would like to have fluffy pancakes with maple syrup on the side, while others prefer having sousages and vegetables.

But, according to scientists, having two eggs for breakfast everyday can really help you lose weight.

(It’s not about counting calories and you don’t have to worry about carbs!)

Researches have shown that those who start their day by eating two eggs can lose up to two-thirds more weight than others.

But how is it possible? Despite of other types of food, eggs make us feel full for way longer.

For example, two men were asked to eat either eggs every morning, or have a sandwich.

The calories were exactly the same.. but after 2 months the man who had eaten eggs had lost more weight than the other one.

He said he felt full and that he ate less during the day.

The impression to feel full after eating eggs could be due to their high protein content, but researches are still being done.

Meanwhile.. try yourself! It’s easy and doesn’t need much preparation or time!

Go buy some eggs and let your imagination do the rest!

P.s. to get some cool recipies click here !!

photo credit: http://www.projecthappilyeverafter.com/2009/04/9-stages-of-an-unhappy-marriage/
photo credit: http://www.projecthappilyeverafter.com/2009/04/9-stages-of-an-unhappy-marriage/

The “great eight” tips

Even tho it’s hard (or at least seems hard) to stay healthy while always being in a rush to college;

These are the “great eight“.

The main 8 rules that people should follow to feel better and live better:

  1. If your usual day at college has only a few minutes of break during the morning, use your time to remain in silence and close your eyes.By doing this your body will instantaneously rest and relax.
  2. Be sure you eat greens at almost every meal that you eat.Eating fresh, healthy vegetables will nourish your body with vitamins and minerals and help you fighting tiredness and flus.
  3. Make sure your body is always well hydrated.We are made by 70% of water. Always bring with you a fresh bottle of pure water with you. And drink at least 1 liter everyday.
  4. Start your day with a fresh smoothie.All you need are fresh green vegetables, fresh fruit, and a common blender.It will provide carbohydrates, fiber, and antioxidants. And if you do not have a lot of time in the morning take your smoothie to go in a thermos or bottle and drink it as you go to college.
  5. Try to evitate fat dressings.Try to dress your food with vergin olive oil and lemon, without using super salty sauces such as mayonnaise.
  6. If you don’t have enough time to sign up in a gym, a good way to stay fit is to take a little walk whenever is possible!
  7. If you usually take a bus get off one stop before the one closest to your destination and walk the rest of the way.
  8. Prefer taking the stairs instead of elevators and escalators.
  9. If you come back home in the evening and just want to relax and to watch your favorite tv show, try to stretch your muscles while you do it

See, it’s not that difficult.. and it’s worth it!


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