You are what you eat (Really!)

What you put into your body is even more important as what you put on your body.

When you eat foods that are rich in vitamins, this leads to healthier and stronger hair, nails and skin. And according to Dr. Susan Stuart, a dermatologist based in San Diego, eating lots of fruits and vegetables that are yellow or orange in color can give you a natural tan.

Foods such as carrots, tomatoes, orangese and potatoes have a very potent antioxidant called carotene. When you eat these fresh produce,  your skin gets healthier. Dr. Stuart said: “Consuming regular quantities of these vegetables will also create a natural tan.”

But eating excessive amounts of foods rich in beta-carotene can have negative effects too, namely a skin disorder called carotenemia.

A yellow discoloration of the skin which involves the skin of the body including the feet. But, carotenemia is a benign skin condition that is completely reversible once you stop consuming large quantities of vegetables rich in beta-carotene.

Here’s a list of the best foods according to Dr. Stuart:

  • Carrots. they allow skin to adapt to a more natural and healthy-looking hue.
  • Tomatoes and apricots. these carotenoid rich fruits and veggies improve your skin’s color.
  • Spinach. these dark, leafy greens should definitely be a staple in your diet, as well as broccoli..they are the secret to glowing skin.
  • Olive Oil. it will give your skin a moisture boost for a healthier appearance.

So, it is wise to eat healthy portions of fresh fruits and vegetables in one’s daily diet for a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis. Many of these fruits and vegetables also contain powerful antioxidants which may have a protective effect on human cells and reduce some signs of aging





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