How Do Healthy Meals Affect Your Grades?

Believe it or not, healthy eating habits have positive effects on students!

In order to excel academically, students should be able to attend class, collaborate with their peers and be able to focus.

College students, for this reason, require physical support from food energy and nutrients; and If you want to do your best to get good grades, a healthy diet can improve your performance in college.

You’ll never skip a class!

You can’t keep up with mid-terms or finals if you miss the daily lessons. Getting enough protein, vitamins and minerals from food can keep you from being sick during the year. Eating a nutritious breakfast makes you able to achieve your daily goals; it keeps your body strong instead of sick.



College requires cooperation from students, teachers and your behavior is really important in this environment. According to a 2005 study on eating habits and academic performance reported in the “Journal of the American Dietetic Association“: Hunger can distract you and make you more irritable, while eating a healthy breakfast has been shown to improve mood and attention.



The same 2005 report concluded that eating breakfast regularly affect the brain’s blood sugar requirements and nutritional support; this improves memory, problem solving, learning and achieving high grades.


You’ll never fail an exam!

The Food Research and Action Center states that students who eat a complete breakfast work more quickly with less errors than those who don’t; and allows a better performance on visual skills as well. So, you can improve your grades by eating right every day!



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