50 shades of smoothies

Nowadays healthy smoothies are becoming the “new trend” between young people.

In fact, drinking a green – delicious smoothie not only is a good way of taking a break.. but also, it doesn’t need much time or any difficult preparation.

there are many, many reasons why having a smoothie is better than a coffee.

  • It’s an easier way to eat fruit and vegetables. Sometimes eating the daily allowance of fruit and vegetables can be “boring”. Blending a serving into a smoothie can help you keeping up with your body’s necessities.
  • Super quick and super easy. It doesn’t take long so you have more time for others things. And, you can take your smoothie with you anywhere you go!
  • It helps you losing weight. Substituting junk food or litres of coffee with an healthier meal can boost your metabolism almost by 60%
  • Happy stomach. Smoothies are super easy to digest and provide precious fibers which make your stomach happy!
  • 100% enjoyable. Everyone has their taste and everyone can make their own smoothie. Ingredients and ideas are infinites..it’s just up to you!
  • Your personal trainer. From the kitchen to the gym. Your smoothie can help you to reach your health goals and provide your body with the energy you need durning a training. At the same time it is a good way of recovery after the work out session.
  • Your immune system’s best friend. By consuming smoothies your immune system will notably increase. Eating vegetables and fruit is way better than medicines.
  • Healthy and smarter Greens help boosting your brain and make you sleep better. Which means during the day you easily pay more attention and interact with others.

Smoothies have so many features and possibilities.. all you need is a good blender!



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